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To the Moon and Back

Miles Harrison, an ordinary American from Virginia adopts a beautiful orphan boy from Russia. Meanwhile, Bill Browder, a billionaire investment banker seeks justice for his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky who is killed after exposing corruption in the Russian government. The actions of both men cause the Russian Adoption Ban. On December 14, 2012 after President Obama passes theMagnitsky Act, President Putin quickly retaliates and passes The Russian Adoption Ban. To the Moon and Back explores the events leading up to The Russian Adoption Ban and its impact. Thousands of Russian orphans, many with disabilities, now have no hope of being adopted. Hundreds of U.S. parents are forced to betray their commitments to their children and are left in limbo, unable to realize their dream of becoming a family. Documentary 85 minutes  U.S. Russian Federation

Director: Susan Morgan Cooper Writer: Susan Morgan Cooper Editor: Tyler MacIntyre Cinematography: Quyen Tran Score: Russ Howard III, Matt McGuire, Kyle Eastwood

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