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The Muse is the Mountain

A contemporary portrait of artisan women of the Costa Rica remote mountain regions, captured through interviews. Weaving and intertwining personal stories of struggle and perseverance, this film allows one to see the pressures exerted by a 20Th century male dominated society on repressed women, most of them born into rural families. And in spite of all that or because of it, they reveal their relative independence they have achieved. We can observe both nature and human survival .In these women we experience their iron will and invincible spirits . A window into the creative road of humble women, but with a rich inner soul , all inspired by their surroundings: Mountains and Nature.  Documentary  49.00  Costa Rica

Director: Teresa H. Mular Writer: Teresa H. Mular Cinematographer: Ernesto Valverde Villalobos Score: Pablo Lavandera Editor: José Venutolo

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