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Happy Family

Happy Family is a quirky comedy about a childless, mature woman who realizes late in life that she misses having a family. After being subjected to her friends’ endless bragging about their children, she convinces her husband to adopt an adult child. After a series of disastrous meetings with potential candidates, they finally find the adult child of their dreams. However, things don’t turn out quite as they expected!  Comedy  18:52  U.S.

Director: Mark Stolzenberg Screenplay: Mark Stolzenberg, based on a story by Judy Copeland Cinematography: Eric Alexander Editing: Eric Alexander, Adam Hada Cast:  Judy Copland, Mark Stolzenberg, Helen Mandlin, Rachel Rivera, Vinit Dubey,  Danielle Dastis, Sandra Clopp,  Antonina Vasilyeva, Beth Ann Borenzweig, Annete Silva

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