The Long Island Film Festival is currently taking submissions for 2018



For 35 years of Long Island Film Festival’s existence, the festival has provided venues to literally hundreds of aspiring filmmakers. Created at the peak of the “Independent Film Movement” in 1982, the Long Island Film Festival has had the pleasure to showcase creative talents from their earliest years. Our alumni are but a small portion of the formidable scores of young filmmakers who have matured over the years and consistently honed their talents.  Many have continued to work as total “independents” outside of the Hollywood system, others have brought their innovation and creativity into the studio system becoming part and parcel of films which have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and entertained millions of movie goers around the world. To each and every one of them we say, “a job well done” and thank you for being part of the Long Island Film Festival.

Vincent Pastore

Vincent Gardenia

Uta Hagen

Tom Noonan

Tamara Jenkins

Stephen Bogart

Steve Buscemi

Stan Schofield

Ralph Macchio

Scott Saunders

Peter Boyle

Matthew Harrison

Michael Questa

Madeline Kahn

Kimberly Peirce

Lee Grant

Kevin Jordan


Keith Hamilton Cobb

Karen Young

Hal Hartley

Fred Carpenter

Gavin O’Connor

Frank Coraci

Edie Falco

Edward Albee

Bill Plympton

Anne Meara